Thailand Divorce Agreement

Divorce Agreements in Thailand

If you are wanting to get divorced then the easier way of doing this is to avoid litigation and to […]

Grounds for Divorce in Thailand

Grounds for Divorce

There are a number of grounds for divorce in Thailand when getting divorced. These grounds for divorce are listed in […]

Recognition of Divorce

Recognition of Divorce in United Kingdom

In April 1988, UK made some amendments to its Law concerning the recognition of divorces granted to its citizens by […]

Thai Family Law

Thailand Divorce and Divorce Agreement

Divorce in Thailand may be done judicially or administratively. If judicial, one or both parties come to court to petition […]

Thailand Divorce FAQs

Common Questions about Divorce in Thailand

Thailand supports both Judicial and Administrative forms of divorce. In Thailand, these are better known as Contested and Uncontested Divorce. […]

Thailand Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial Agreements in Divorce

One important purpose of a prenuptial agreement is to make available to the splitting couple arrangements on alimony in case […]

Divorce Decree Thailand

Recognition of Divorce in Hong Kong

Hong Kong laws allow its citizens and foreigners to petition for a divorce as long as anyone of the parties […]

divorce statistics

Divorce Statistics in Thailand

Divorce statistics are not normally spoken about in Thailand however it has become clear from the last politician to bring […]

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