Grounds for Divorce

Grounds for Divorce in Thailand

There are a number of grounds for divorce in Thailand when getting divorced. These grounds for divorce are listed in Thai law however it leaves it open-ended as to accommodate different reasons for the divorce.

The following is what they would consider grounds for divorce in Thailand so read carefully and speak to a divorce lawyer in Thailand before starting the process. Start the process today! See our main website for more details now.

The most common reason for grounds of divorce in Thailand is adultery. This is covered in Section 1516 of the Thai Statues. Like most countries, this grounds for divorce is the most common. The reason most would use these grounds for divorce in Thailand is that it has caused the other party to be ashamed of what has been done. The issue does become complicated in Thailand as some do have a ‘minor wife’ or what is called a ‘mia noi’. Speak to a lawyer about this issue and many others. Some have claimed in the past that their spouse gave them verbal consent to have a minor wife and hence cannot be used as a grounds for divorce.

There are other grounds for divorce such as torture. This might not appear to be what you might have in mind however it can be widely seen as possible if you take mental torture into account. Let’s say you told your wife told you that she wanted a big ring and you do not provide one big enough. so she hires someone to beat you in order to get a bigger ring.

Other options are that you have left your wife and returned to your country for more than a year without financial support or contact. Maybe one has been sent to prison or your wife has simply run off – destination unknown. Speak to our lawyers about what you are experiencing and see what grounds for divorce would be applicable. Other reason would be as follows as an example:

  1. Failing to support your spouse financially;
  2. Beating your spouse on regular bases;
  3. One spouse has cancer or HIV AIDS;
  4. One of the parties are now legally insane for 3 years;

These are just the basics for divorce in Thailand. Speak to our lawyers online or in person at any of our offices in Thailand for assistance. With offices in Bangkok, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Samui, Phuket, and Chiang Mai we are best able to assist you. Call us now!

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