Getting Divorced in Thailand: Administrative

Divorce in Thailand

When you have reached the point of wanting a divorce in Thailand then you need to consider what are the current options. Most times couples decide to settle their issues by agreement and divide the property by consent.

This is normally called an administrative divorce in Thailand. It is very important to remember that you still need the services of a divorce lawyer in Thailand when drafting the agreement. If you and your spouse cannot decide on what each will get then this ends in costly litigation.

Administrative divorces are easier and much easier. Speak to one of our lawyers in Thailand about the options.

If you and your Thai wife decide to get divorced today then take out a piece of paper and see which each of you will get. Consider the children and who will have custody of the child or children and any monthly allowance each child will get. If you can get this far then it is much easier to get divorced. Take the list you have made and allow a divorce lawyer in Thailand to draft the agreement for you that will be accepted by the District Office in Thailand. Our lawyer will provide you with this agreement in both English and Thai so everyone can understand what has been settled on. This agreement then gets taken to your local District Office. Remember to take with your Thai wife, her ‘House Papers’, ID Card, and your Thai marriage certificate. You need your passport with you when you get divorced.

You need to fill in another form at the District Office and hand in all the documents with you including the divorce agreement that has been drafted. This type of divorce normally takes 30 minutes to complete and you will be handed another document to state that you are now divorced from your Thai wife. The process is cost effective, simple, and fast. Speak to one of our divorce lawyers in Thailand for guidance and assistance in getting it done today.

Speak to us online or walk into any of our offices in Thailand to start your divorce proceedings today!

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